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People are often embarrassed about being out of work, so they don't talk about it much. That's natural. But the fact is that most people have not lost their jobs because of anything they did. They're usually out of work because of company downsizing, reorganization, or relocation. You need to talk about it with everyone in your network.

Oh, you didn't know you had a network. Well, you do: Your family, friends, neighbors, doctors; your priest, minister, or rabbi; the woman who does your nails, the guy who cuts your hair. A network is simply people other than you- who know other people, who might know someone, who have a job opening. In other words, networking is not a word to be afraid of.

We also have a job board with hundreds of good local jobs. And you can click here to access the State of Ohio's job matching system. But networking is usually the most effective way to get a job. And once people try it, they usually find out it's also enjoyable.

For more information on any of our services, please click here to contact your local OhioMeansJobs Center.

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"I would like to take this opportunity to express a sincere “thank you” for your help with our recent job fairs. Because of your support we were able to conduct very positive and productive events that reflected well on not only on all of us here at Luk, but also the entire community. The word “Team” is alive and very well here at Luk and in the Wayne Holmes Ashland areas. You demonstrated that well."

- Mike Searcy, Director of Human Resources

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